What are the health benefits of alcohol? Wine drunkards can rejoice

What are the health benefits of alcohol? Wine drunkards can rejoice
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Ever wonder, ‘What are the health benefits of alcohol?’ while you enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine, cocktail, or beer? Good news: Most women over age 40 actually benefit from a daily drink! In fact, new research shows these benefits of alcohol can improve your health in ways that seem too-good-to-be-true — which is why we found the science to back up the claims.

What are the health benefits of alcohol?

Next time you sit down to sip that much deserved wine or cocktail, feel good about your choice for these great reasons.

Health benefits of wine

A Harvard study found that women who sip one glass of wine a day typically have less fat overall, and specifically less belly fat. “Your body burns alcohol as fat, rather than sugar, and that has a metabolism-increasing effect,” explains Catherine Shanahan, M.D., author of Deep Nutrition. Plus, wine drinkers tend to guzzle less sugary soda and eat fewer sweets.

Health benefits of sparkling wine

Cheers! Champagne and other bubbly wines are packed with organic acids that improve functioning in memory-centered areas of your brain, reveals recent U.K. research. Since we all could stand keep memory sharp as we age, this one is surely welcome news.

Health benefits of beer

Women who drink about one beer a day have stronger, thicker, healthy bones compared to non-drinkers, a recent Spanish study shows. The brew’s bone-building powers come from silicon, a compound that helps grow bones and connective tissue. Beer also contains plant hormones (phytoestrogens) that reduce your fracture risk.

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Health benefits of alcohol in moderation

American Heart Association pros say that women who have a drink a day are less likely to experience heart disease than non-drinkers and those who drink more! Alcohol in moderation helps prevent blood clots. And wine and beer boast heart-healthy antioxidants.