Raw Food Recipes You’ll Love


Raw food — what”s the buzz all about? For starters, numerous studies have indicated that cooking meat at high temperatures may increase one”s risk of being diagnosed with cancer. Add to that the fact that a raw vegan lifestyle has been shown to improve symptoms of lethargy, poor digestion, and even rheumatoid arthritis, and most of us might be inclined to turn off our ovens for good.

Conflicted? Don”t be. You can easily incorporate uncooked meals into your daily life without going the full monty. Here are some of the best raw food recipes out there, broken down by every meal.


This is an easy one, especially since fruit counts! To kick things up a notch, consider throwing a bunch of your favorite berries into a blender, toss in some almond milk and ice, and enjoy a sweet shake. Or start your day off right with one of our gorgeous green smoothies.


Salads reign supreme when it comes to this meal, but there are plenty of other options for those longing to take a break free from cruciferous vegetables. For instance, raw zucchini “pasta” is simple to throw together, loaded with nutrients, and tastes delicious. If you really want a taste of meat, so make a meal of some excellent prosciutto (which is cured, not smoked) paired with a caprese salad made with raw cheese.


This is where things really get fun. Start out with some avocado lime soup or an avocado salad. For the main course, options such as scallop ceviche and raw burritos are always crowd-pleasers.



Finally, uncooked desserts such as vegan chocolate cream pie, raw fruit and nut bars, or chocolate rasberry cupcakes are so good that you’ll forget they’re uncooked.