How to Make a Killer Green Smoothie

Believe the hype — green smoothies, in all their antioxidant-packed glory, can keep you full for hours. But simply mixing spinach and strawberries together isn’t enough to keep mid-morning munchies at bay. To make a killer green smoothie, you need a combination of protein and fat along with the essential fruits and veggies.

For this recipe, we turn to green smoothie guru Junelle Lupiani, a registered dietician at Miraval Resort and Spa. She focuses less on dieting and deprivation, and more on packing in as much nutritional value into meals as possible. In the video below, she explains why green smoothies are some of the easiest, most nutritionally packed breakfasts you can make.

Junelle’s go-to smoothie includes:

• Handfuls of spinach

• Heart of romaine (helps liquefy)

• Lemon


• Grapes (great taste and helps liquefy)

• Raspberries

• Avocado

Without the avocado, there’s no fat source; fat source helps stabilize all the energy sources (read: carbohydrates) in the smoothie that the fruits and veggies provide. Fat is the key to a smoothie’s lasting power, she says: “Long gone are the 1970s when we taught everybody that fat was bad and you [have to] be fat-free, low-fat, non-fat.”

Here are some healthy fat sources that work great in smoothies:

• Avocado

• Nut butter (peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, etc.)

• Dairy (milk, yogurt)


• Coconut oil

• Flax seeds

• Chia seeds

Junelle’s smoothie provides an estimated four servings of vegetables and a good serving of fat — so no matter where else the day takes you, at least you’re off to a strong, nourished start.