Favorite healthy recipes of the famous chef for grilling

Favorite healthy recipes of the famous chef for grilling
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Ingrid Hoffmann, bestselling cookbook author, spunky celebrity chef, and host of the Food Network’s Simply Delicioso, preaches vibrant, healthy flavors. She believes in creating recipes and meals that are healthy and delicious, but that are also simple to make. We recently chatted with Ingrid about her favorite foods and recipes, and how she maintains a healthy lifestyle.

WorldLifestyle: How did you make the switch from owning restaurants to becoming a chef on the Food Network?

Ingrid Hoffman: I had been doing my show, Delicioso, for many years on air in Latin America with Hearst Cosmopolitan Network and in the U.S. with Univision”s cable arm, Galavision Network. For my crossover, I started doing segments for Martha Stewart when the Food Network called me.

WL: What are your favorite Latin-infused grilled foods?


IH: My tri-tip with charred cherry tomatoes and onions that I make on the rotisserie rod of my multi-use Lynx Grill, which is a great plus that you usually don”t get with a grill. It allows you to cook thick and inexpensive cuts of meat to perfection. You can roast three whole chickens on there, making it great for easy entertaining.

WL: What are your favorite non-Latin foods to eat?

IH: Grilled romaine salad and my grilled pork and pineapple skewers with achiote sauce.


WL: Any guilty pleasures?

IH: Coca-Cola, peanut butter M&M”s, and Salt & Vinegar Dirty Potato chips.

WL: What”s your favorite meal on earth?

IH: Arroz con Pollo — homemade Latin-style rice and chicken and veggies all mixed into a one-dish wonder.

WL:How do you stay healthy and active with your busy life?

IH: My workouts are scheduled in the calendar as would be any meeting or doctor appointment; this way I am forced to make time and fit it in. I travel with my workout sneakers and I can get a great workout, even in my hotel room, using my own body weight to train.


WL: Besides working with Lynx, what other projects are you working on?

IH: I am currently in the midst of the international leg of the PR tour for my latest book, Latin D”Lite. I also just launched my housewares line “Simplemente Delicioso” on HSN and we are already dreaming up designs for the second phase. I am also working on some other great surprises I can”t share just yet.