Advantages of drinking alkaline water

Advantages of drinking alkaline water
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You may still enjoy your tap/filtered/bottled water, but I feel compelled to inform you that alkaline water is fast becoming a trend among the fitness elite.

Cycle House and Firm Body Evolution, both based in LA, offer free alkaline water to clients, praising the post-workout benefits, such as its ability to neutralize and block free-radical damange to the body.

To find out what makes alkaline water this year”s wonder fluid, I sought out NEO SUPERWATER founder and CEO Ben Behrouzi.

WorldLifestyle: What exactly is alkaline water made of?

Ben Behrouzi: Alkaline water, also known as a high pH water, is made up of highly pure reverse osmosis purified water infused with key electrolytes and structured into a non acidic state.  While most bottled waters are below a 7 pH, or acidic, Alkaline water enjoys a 7 pH or higher.

WL: What is the difference between regular tap (or even filtered) water and alkaline water?

BB: Regular tap water is not only acidic, it also carries quite a bit of harmful ingredients including metals, lead, fluoride, ammonia and more.  Basic filtration, although removes unwanted physical particles in the water, fails to remove bacteria, fluoride, ammonia and a series of other items that are quite important.  But even more importantly, all water from tap or from basic filters are unfortunately acidic.  Which add to our already acidic daily food intake and our behavior.  The body’s ideal state of operation is at a slightly alkaline state above a 7 pH.

Alkaline water enjoys an ultra pure state absent of lead, fluoride, ammonia, bacteria and other harmful ingredients.  Additionally, Alkaline water carries with it key minerals necessary for good hydration and a non acidic pH value of 7 or higher.  These combined benefits not only support far better hydration but also deny the entrance of additional acid intake and traditional contaminants.

WL: Why aren’t more people drinking alkaline water?

BB: In Japan, Alkaline water has been used for decades by the public and continues to be the standard in enhanced filtered water.  In the West, alkaline water has been growing quite rapidly over the last 15 years with its most important growth in the last 24 months.  More and more consumers are realizing that the makeup of an alkaline water is far better for them than any water out of a spring or any water that has traditional filtration.  Over the next several years, having your water alkaline will be the norm not the exception.

WL: Give us three good reasons why we should be drinking alkaline water:


1) As a result of the necessary reverse osmosis purification, any Alkaline Water is highly pure in makeup and void of any traditional contaminants.

2) The bonus benefits of key electrolytes that will hydrate better.

3) An Alkaline pH that not only won’t contribute to your daily acidic intake but will actually help rid your body of its acidic waste.

WL: What else should we know about it?

BB: Alkaline water cannot throw off your body’s pH since your stomach regulates what comes in.  However, you can feel funny if you switch from an Alkaline water to a non-Alkaline water since you would experience the lack of combined hydration benefits that are only available in Alkaline water.