7 tips to get rid of a bloated stomach

If you’re like 91% of women, dealing with bloat and other digestive issues is something that you struggle with on a daily basis.  After years of research and testing (and battling bloat herself), Certified Wellness Coach and author Nadya Andreeva has created a manual for defeating bloating and healing your belly for good:  Happy Belly: A woman’s guide to feeling vibrant, light, and balanced.

What most women don’t know is that the real cause of bloating is too much fermentation in the digestive tract. Some common triggers include: stress, a food sensitivity, a lack of enzymes, uncoordinated peristalsis, or eating too much fiber. By just adding a few small shifts to your meal habits, you can keep your belly happy:

1. Allow your previous meal to digest before eating the next meal. Wait at least three hours between meals.

2. Chew well and don’t talk while chewing. If you”re eating with others, put down your fork between bites and let the flavor and the experience of food be your only focus. Don”t eat and speak at the same time. Better yet, meet friends for walks or for a tea and keep social eating to minimum until your gut is healthy and strong.

3. Be careful with your fiber. Coarse or poorly chewed fiber will delay passage through the digestive system and slow the rate at which the food is digested and absorbed. So if you don’t chew a slice of bread or a piece of potato properly, you”re leaving a lot more work for your stomach and it will take longer.

4. Eat fruit at least 30 minutes before meals. Don’t eat fruits after a meal. This habit is gas-forming and leads to bloating.

5. Don’t drink anything cold while eating. Ideally, limit cold foods as well. Fruits should be room temperature (not straight from the fridge). If you can’t live without your ice cream, have some ginger tea afterward.

6. Chew on fennel seeds or sip a hot fennel and ginger tea. Prepare fennel tea by crushing one teaspoon of fennel seeds and adding it to one cup of water in a pot. Bring the water to a boil, cover and steep for 10 to 15 minutes. Cool and strain.  Or try this Happy Belly recipe. A traditional dose of fennel tea is about two to three cups daily. If you”re at a restaurant or don’t have fennel seeds, opt for a mint tea. It”s also soothing to the digestive tract.

Another tip: carry tea bags in your purse so you”ll always have the kind you like handy.

7. Go for a brisk walk. Aim for 30 minutes of walking. I also like to add a few jumping jacks or twists. This helps to increase blood circulation and to release gas.

Nadya Andreeva is a certified wellness coach specializing in digestive health, author & mindful living specialist. Professionally trained in mindful eating, yoga, and positive psychology, Andreeva helps women create a healthy relationship with food that honors their body”s unique chemistry and eliminates bloating and irregularity. Andreeva”s book, Happy Belly: A woman”s guide to feeling vibrant, light, and balanced is a go-to resource for women to prevent and eliminate bloating and constipation.  Andreeva has been featured in various media including Huffington Post Live, Yoga Journal Russia, Glamour Magazine, Veria Living, and Ted Talks. She holds an MA in Organizational Psychology from New York University and a Wellness Coaching certification from Wellcoaches.

If you want to reduce bloating, irregularity, and digestive-unease, download her FREE Ayurvedic guide for a happy flat belly.