13 Best Thyroid Supplements for Women Over 50

13 Best Thyroid Supplements for Women Over 50
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Out of all the vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy hormone production, it can be tough to find the best thyroid supplements for over-50 women. You know that supporting the gland responsible for your metabolism is important, but what really contributes to keeping a thyroid in good shape?

Although this may not be the first body part you focus on when it comes to your health, your thyroid affects a lot of bodily functions. This small gland at the front of your neck impacts how fast your heart beats, your breathing, digestion, and more. If it’s overproducing or underproducing hormones, it can throw off everything from your mood and energy levels to your weight and perspiration. Since it impacts your metabolism, it may also affect your weight. Needless to say, your thyroid gland impacts your whole body. Twenty million Americans, and five out of eight women, are affected by some kind of thyroid disorder. Women who are going through menopause also have a higher rate of these diseases, so regular checkups, a healthy diet for your thyroid, multivitamins, and preventative measures will keep you healthy.

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Symptoms of Thyroid Problems

While some symptoms of thyroid problems are the same across the board, it really depends on what kind of thyroid disorder you have. Hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, Graves’ disease, and thyroid cancer are a few of the most common problems associated with this gland. As always, consult with your doctor if you think you might have a thyroid condition.

Hypothyroidism vs. Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

Hypothyroidism means your thyroid is underactive and not producing enough hormones, which leads to your body slowing down. According to the American Thyroid Association, symptoms such as feeling cold, getting tired easily, having dry skin, being forgetful or depressed, and having constipation can all result from a slow thyroid. Hyperthyroidism is on the opposite side of the spectrum, and happens when your thyroid is overactive. Symptoms like nervousness, irritability, increased sweating, heart racing, hand tremors, anxiety, insomnia, thin skin and brittle hair, and more frequent bowel movements can be indications of hypothyroidism.

Hashimoto’s Disease vs. Graves’ Disease Symptoms

Hashimoto’s disease and Graves’ disease are causes of hypo- and hyperthyroidism and are both immune system disorders. Those with Hashimoto’s have immune systems that attack their thyroid and slow it down. This leads to symptoms like swelling in the front of the neck, fatigue, constipation, puffiness in the face, brittle nails, hair loss, weight gain, and muscle aches and weakness. Graves’ is the reverse: The immune system attacks the thyroid and then leads to an overproduction of thyroid hormones. Symptoms include irritability, goiter, heat intolerance, insomnia, weight loss, irregular heartbeat, and frequent bowel movements. If you notice a combination of any of these symptoms, see your doctor right away for proper care.

Best Thyroid Supplements for Women Over 50

If you’ve seen a doctor for a diagnosis and ruled out other diseases or causes for your symptoms, supplements might be something you want to add to your treatment plan. Using alternative and conventional medicine safely together may help you with your recovery. (Please consult with your doctor if you are considering taking a new supplement.) Below are the best thyroid supplements that will give your metabolic health a kickstart.

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1. Zhou Thyroid Support Blend

This powerful mix includes a wide variety of helpful vitamins, minerals, and herbs that can support your thyroid’s health. Vitamin B-12, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, molybdenum, l-tyrosine, schizandra, ashwagandha root, bladderwrack, and cayenne pepper each have special properties that can be beneficial for energy and metabolism.

Where to buy: $21.04, Amazon

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2. Vitamin D for Thyroid

Vitamin D deficiency is a widespread problem that affects a whopping 70 percent of Americans. One study even found a correlation between thyroid disease and a lack of vitamin D. While it varies based on your age and where you live, it’s typically recommended that middle-aged adults get at least 1,500 to 2,000 IU of vitamin D, and adults over 70 get at least 800 IU. Not only will your vitamin D levels be balanced, but your thyroid will benefit too!

Where to buy: $18.99, Amazon

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3. Probiotics for Thyroid

More and more research is coming out about how our gut health affects other parts of our bodies. Studies have found that our tummies and their bacteria have been linked to everything from depression and anxiety to hormone production and our brains. So, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that the organ we use to digest food affects the hormone that controls our metabolism. Probiotics balance the good bacteria and keep your digestive tract running smoothly. Stomach issues have shown up in people suffering with both hypo- and hyperthyroidism, so a good probiotic will keep your bacteria in check.

Where to buy: $30.99, Amazon

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4. Ashwagandha for Thyroid

With any supplement, it’s best to speak with your doctor before taking, especially if you’re unsure of what condition you have. Ashwagandha has been shown to stimulate your thyroid and counteract some of the side effects and symptoms that come along with an underactive thyroid, such as low libido and fatigue.

Where to buy: $19.87, Amazon

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5. Herbs for the Thyroid

MegaFood Thyroid Strength helps support the thyroid, but it also contributes to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. It’s chock-full of Sensoril, a high-quality brand of ashwagandha, and Coleus Forskohlii for your cholesterol, plus copper, selenium, zinc, and iodine for your thyroid. Even better, the ingredients in the supplement are made with fresh, whole foods and tested three times to meet purity standards.

Where to buy: $18.99, Amazon

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6. Vitamin B for Thyroid

The wonderful list of benefits that come from vitamin B never seems to end. It helps improve everything from stress and depression to eyesight and now thyroid health. A study found that 40 percent of the subjects, who all have thyroid disorders, were deficient in B12. Adding vitamin B to your diet, like Pure Encapsulations B-Complex Plus, may alleviate symptoms and help your overall health in the long run.

Where to buy: $34.40, Amazon

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7. Thyroid-Boosting Supplement

The name of Nutracraft ThyroAid says it all: This supplement aids in keeping your thyroid healthy. Filled with seaweed, kelp, and tyrosine, it provides plenty of iodine and amino acids essential for proper functioning. Iodine deficiencies are directly related to hypothyroidism, so you won’t have to worry about getting enough with this capsule.

Where to buy: $24.95, Amazon

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8. Minerals for Thyroid

The trace micro-minerals in Smarter Vitamins Micro Minerals are hard to find in regular food sources, and will certainly benefit your health in more ways than one. Several minerals included are important for the synthesis of hormones and will support the thyroid in its hormone production. These mini-but-mighty essential trace minerals, like selenium and molybdenum, also boost immunity.

Where to buy: $23.68, Amazon

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9. Thyroid Support With Plants

Using plant-based medicine, or phytotherapy, the T-Balance Plus Natural Thyroid supplement takes roots, herbs, and flowers, and combines them with minerals like selenium and iodine. In return, this creates one potent power pill that works to combat hypothyroidism, boost your energy, and maintain a healthy thyroid. The sage leaves in the mix help with inflammation

Where to buy: $28.45, Amazon

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10. Underactive Thyroid Vitamins

Vegan, non-GMO, and free of unnecessary additives, Thyroid Support from LES Labs provides plenty of the essentials for keeping this gland healthy. Vitamin D, E, B12, iodine, zinc, tyrosine, and ashwagandha root extract are just a few components inside each capsule that boost your thyroid. Many reviewers said they received quite a few health benefits, including weight loss, better sleep, and increased energy.

Where to buy: $28.49, Amazon

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11. Zinc for Thyroid

It protects you from the sun, can help clear your skin, strengthens your immune system, and even improves your thyroid functions. Zinc is another mineral with benefits that will keep you happy and healthy. When it comes to your thyroid specifically, zinc is essential for synthesizing thyroid hormones, and your thyroid is essential for the absorption of zinc. The two need each other, so throwing a zinc supplement into your regimen is a good idea!

Where to buy: $9.95, Amazon

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12. L-Tyrosine for Thyroid

How important is l-tyrosine for your thyroid? Well, without it and iodine, your body wouldn’t be able to produce thyroid hormones at all. If you’re low on this amino acid and element, a supplement combining the two, like Thorne Research Iodine and L-Tyrosine, can show major improvements in your thyroid hormone health. Of course, with any new medication or supplement, speak with your doctor first.

Where to buy: $17, Amazon

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13. Iodine Thyroid Supplement

As mentioned above, iodine is a key player in creating thyroid hormones. Aside from that aspect, it also prevents fibrocystic breast disease, plays a role in your immune system, and helps with bone and brain development. If you’re not a fan of pills, these drops are a great way to put a boost of iodine in your drink, and reviewers of Nascent Iodine Supplement High Potency Liquid Drops mention that the taste isn’t bad and doesn’t sting like alcohol-based products.

Where to buy: $26.55, Amazon