16 kitchen products that actually make you want to cook

16 kitchen products that actually make you want to cook
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main2Amazon / Fred & Friends

We’ve all done it. You’re cooking a three-course meal for your spouse’s boss when suddenly –  disaster. The butter dish isn’t hedgehog shaped. I know, I know, why would anyone create a butter dish that’s not shaped like a hedgehog. I ask myself the same question every night.  Animals I would also consider for butter guard duty:

  • Red panda
  • Regular panda
  • House hippo

Luckily, there are oodles of adorable kitchen items just waiting for purchase around the internet. No longer will your morning coffee need to be sipped out of a plain mug, and cream will never be poured from a regular old ceramic dish or – god help us – the carton.

If you’ve ever wanted to spruce up the kitchen with some friendly faces, here are 16 adorable items worth buying. 

1. My strong butter-related beliefs have been shattered. I would also accept a whale into my home.  He’s the perfect shape.

1Amazon / Creative Co-op

2. I wouldn’t feel nearly as bad when I grate my knuckles if it was this little guy causing me all that pain.


3. Nessy is real, and these prove it. Who would create an amazing set of ladles about a mythical creature.

3Amazon / OTOTO Design

4. Battleship isn’t only a game for kids anymore. All of a sudden watching steam leak out of a boiling pot is the only thing I want to do with my day.

4Amazon / Fred & Friends

5. These little guys bring salt and pepper to you. I can just imagine them constantly walking all over the dinner table.

5Amazon / Suck UK

6. I’m not sure how someone thought of using a ghost to seed cherries, but it’s working. The little buck-toothed marshmallow man is one of my favorites on this list.

6Amazon / Talisman Designs

7. Maybe this one will teach me to not just use a towel when pulling things from the oven. Ov-glove beware, the dino-mitt is here.


8. Okay. That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and it helps open beer. I’m placing an order for a dozen.

8Modcloth / Kikkerland

9. The second of three salt and pepper shaker duos on this list, the peas in a pod have the perfect expressions.

9Modcloth / One Hundred 80 Degrees

10. Penguins – good. Wine – good. Penguins opening wine for me – best.  This would both get a lot of use and a lot of laughs in my house.

10 |

 11. Literally every single time I see a Narwhal I think of the scene from Elf and chuckle to myself. That’s not a bad thing.

11Modcloth / Fred

12. Taco trucks are one of the best inventions in the world, and now you can bring it into your own home! Plus they’ve finally solved the issue of how to keep them standing upright.

12Amazon / Fred & Friends

13. Choosing three pairs of shakers is a little unfair, as there are hundreds of amazing ones. I just couldn’t pass up these Frankenstein monsters. They have a “magnetic” chemistry.

13Amazon / Pacific Giftware

14. The look on this peeler’s face is one of knowledge and mischief. I want to know what he knows.

14Amazon / Home and Above

 15. Oh I hope this purrs the whole time instead of ticking. You simply can’t have enough cartoon cat faces in the kitchen.

15Modcloth / Kikkerland

16. I think I’d end up putting in too much of everything if I used these measuring spoons, just because I wouldn’t want to put them down. That 1/2 teaspoon is the cutest thing on this list.